RABIES diagnostic kits developed by
rabies diagnostic experts.

BioPro Rabies ELISA Ab kit

was developed and validated for detection of rabies antibodies in domesticated and wild carnivores. In comparison to “golden standard” methods like FAVN or RFFIT the use of BioPro RABIES ELISA Ab kit is much easier, rapid and convenient.

The BioPro RABIES ELISA Ab kit is unique by its superior analytical sensitivity and specificity which is very important for analysis of wildlife samples that are often autolysed, bacterially contaminated or diluted (body fluids).

Wild carnivores belong to the most infected animals. The oral immunisation for eradication of rabies in wild carnivores is used in many countries. Estimation of seroprevalence in vaccinated population by BioPro RABIES ELISA Ab kit is suitable method for evaluation of oral immunisation effectiveness.
Samples of domestic animals are tested to determine if the animal is sufficiently immunized to be protected against rabies infection. According to OIE Terrestrial Manual, Chapter 2.1.13 RABIES the FAVN (Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization test) and RFFIT (Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Test) are mentioned as “golden standard” tests but rapid ELISA tests like BioPro RABIES ELISA Ab kit can be used for rapid screening if correlating with these tests.