OSTEOTOM – tetracycline tracer

Osteotom is a microtome with two pairs of circular saws  specially designed to cut thin slices of  jaws for efficiency control of oral rabies vaccination. Under the luminiscent microscope the presence of vaccine tracer – tetracycline  is investigated.


  • Each side of the Osteotom is equiped by unique cutting saw which:

– cuts the thin specimen at once – due to set of 2 parallel cutting disc
– the thiknest of the slice is mechanically adjustable
– each cutting disc has a diferent diameter to better control end of the cut

  • Special specimen holder is designed for easy and firm fixing of the jaw.
  • Precise rotation speed control
  • Automatic STOP with manual override
  • Designed in stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Splashers to minimaze water splashing


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