Evaluation sheet

Our BioPro RABIES Evaluation sheet is a MS Excell templeate into which you paste raw data exported from your reader software (in CSV of TXT format).

The evaluation sheet then :

  • checks the validity of the plateEP_1
  • checks the values of  control sera those are  used as  indicators “how good the assay was performed” eventually for the “in-laboratory” quality control (charting).
  • calculates the Percentage of Blocking for each sample and
  • interprets obtained results for each sample . The interpretatin of results is explained HERE.

The user can enter identification of :

  • the laboratory
  • the operator
  • the plate
  • and enter the note to each plate

Each sample is identified by number.

The results can be viewed both in plate and table view layout.

We have validated the sheet by comparison of the results with manual calculation.

For download go to download PAGE.