Results interpretation

The percentage of blocking (PB) must be calculated for each sample using following formula:



  The calculation can be made:

  • manualy,
  • by entering the formula into sofware of your plater reader
  • or using our BioPro RABIES Evaluation sheet which takes care also for  the results interpretation.

You can find more details regarding the BioPro RABIES Evaluation  sheet HERE.


Wild life samples are tested for the purpose of oral vaccination effectiveness evaluation and estimation of seroprevalence in vaccinated population:

• Serum sample with PB < 40% is considered as NEGATIVE for Rabies antibodies (Ab-).

• Serum sample with PB ≥ 40% is considered as POSITIVE for Rabies antibodies (Ab+).

Wild life samples are often toxic for virus neutralisation test due to bacteriological contamination or autolysis which can cause false positive result in virus neutralization test. Frequently diluted body fluids are tested and therefore superior analytical sensitivity of BioPro Rabies ELISA Ab kit is very important.


PETS samples are tested to determine if the tested animal is enough immunized to be protected against rabies infection. Following the WHO recommendations (WHO, 1985) the satisfactory titer of rabies antibodies is 0,5 IU/ml to protect the animal.

According to OIE Terrestrial Manual, Chapter 2.1.13 RABIES the FAVN (Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization test) and RFFIT (Rapid Fluorescent focus inhibition test are mentioned as “golden standard” tests but rapid ELISA tests can be used for rapid screening if correlating with VN tests.

It was proven by studies that samples with PB ≥ 70% correlates with titer ≥0,5IU/ml and therefore we recommend following interpretation:

• Serum sample with PB < 40% is considered as negative for Rabies antibodies (Ab-).

• Serum sample with 70% > PB ≥ 40% is considered as positive for Rabies antibodies (Ab+) with antibody level<(less)0,5IU/ml based on VN test*.

• Serum sample with PB ≥ 70% is considered as sample (Ab++) with antibody level≥0,5IU/ml based on VN test.

* Samples with 40%≤PB<70% - We recommend to check the sampling time and then propose revaccination or test by VN test.

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